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What I stand for - 


I want to be very clear about what I, and as an extention my company, stands for and what behaviour is acceptable in this and all Fabel Knitwear spaces - weither they be online or in real life.

On the treatment of marginalized groups;
In order to truly be able to constructively work on bettering the crafting community I believe that we need to awknowledge our privileges in order to understand the experiences of others. 

We need to listen to and believe the marginalized when they share their experiences and fight to be treated justly. 

We need to appologize when we do wrong, and not get defensive. We also need to stop making excuses for others of privilege when they do wrong, and start holding eachother accountable, even if it's uncomfortable. To put it simply - someones safety is more important than my comfort. 

I stand with Ravelry in their decision to ban white supremacy, yet find it troublesome that bipoc were targeted as a result of it and wish it was handled better. 

On sizing:
I am working on extending my size range.
If my lack of size inclusivity has made anyone feel sad/angry/offput then I totally get it and am working on bettering that aspect of my patterns. 

I don't want anyone to pay for a pattern that has not been tested, and I'm not always able to get testers for the larger sizes even when using fabulous sources such as @fattestknit. This is not me trying to make an excuse for my lack of inclusivity (which is a problem!), it's just the way it's proven to be. 

HOWEVER - if anyone wants to knit any of my patterns in a size that it is currently not offered in please do get in touch and I'll send you the pattern for free graded to your size! I genuinely want to extend my sizing  - I want everyone to be able to feel and look beautiful wearing a handknit garment. I awknowledge wholeheartedly that it's problematic that I have not done this from the get-go, and apologize deeply.

On J.K Rowling and Harry Potter: 

Several of my patterns and colourways are named from the HP-universe. This was done before JKR started showing her true colours.
I do NOT agree with her stance on trans men and women.
I will no longer be using inspiration from that body of work for any future patterns and colourways. 

On animal welfare:
Animal welfare is important. All the merino I source is from South America where no mulesing occurs.

Not accepted in this space:

White supremacy, racism, transphobia, homophobia, fatphobia, islamofobia, exclusively white feminism, and any and all other dangerous beliefs that are harmful to the marginalized. 

I will personally:

Work on bettering my understanding of my privilege and the ways in which it causes harm and upholds patriarchal white supremacy. 

Always call out toxic behaviour, both online and in real life, regardless of who the speaker is and how uncomfortable it makes me. 

Listen to and believe what I am being told about the treatment of others - treatment I may find incredulous because my privilege has kept me safe from it. 

Support the hard work BIPOC and LGBTQ are doing for the fiber community, by purchasing from their bussinesses.
 As a counterpoint I will not spend my company at businesses with problematic, dangerous attitudes/beliefs.

If anything is unclear, drop me an email on



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