The Fabel Knitwear 2021 Advent Calendar is ready for pre-order, and this year I'm repeating the 2020 success of the  DELUXE version, with TWO skeins per Advent Gift!

The tradition of advent is one of the highlights of Christmas, with cozy snuggly mornings and a cup of hot chocolate while opening your advent present for the day. 
Join me in celebrating this magical time with a Fabel Knitwear Advent Calendar!

The deluxe advent calendar will include:
5 x 100g skeins of hand-dyed yarn, in a base of your choice.
- 5x matching skeins of 50g Mohair Silk.
- Small surprise goodies!

That means a totall of 10 skeins, divided into 5 Advent Presents - one for each Sunday of Advent  and one for Christmas Morning.
Each present will include 1x 100g skein of yarn as well as the matching skein of 50g Mohair Silk. 

The colours are exclusive to this calendar, and has not been dyed up before! 

You can choose between the following bases for you calendar; Athena, Ask and Elder. 

Athena is superwash and produce vibrant, clear colours. 
Ask and Elder are organic non-superwash, and produce more muted, rustic colours.

Read more about the different bases in the shop, and check out the 2019 YouTube colour-reveal video linked below to see how last years colours looked on the different bases! The colours won't be the same, but you get the idea of how the different bases take colours.

This is a pre-order. The pre-order will be open until September 30th, which will be the last day for pre-orders. 

Please purchase this item on it’s own, as it won't ship until late October/early November!

Deluxe Advent Calendar 2021

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