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Paysanne Blouse

The Paysanne Blouse is inspired by the timeless, historical chemise. Peasantblouses have remained relatively unchanged through centuries, with blousing sleeves and a wide neck with drawstrings. The Paysanne Blouse has swapped the drawstring for elastic, but apart from that it has the same timeless, romantic look as its predecessors.

The pattern PDF includes both the Norwegian and English pattern.

Needles: 4mm

Size: (XS) S (M) L (XL) 2XL

Bust: Aprox (80cm) 90cm (100cm) 108cm (118cm) 128cm

Yarn option: Fabel knitwear athena

Yarn option: Fabel knitwear ask

yarn option: fabel knitwear mohair silk
yarn option: pickles merio tweed


Quantity pickles: (300g) 300g (300g) 350g (400g) 400g
Quantity athena: (250g) 250g (300g) 350g (350g) 400g
Quantity ask: (300g) 300g (300g) 350g (400g) 450g


Gauge: 20st(s) = 10cm

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