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Forest Berry Dress

The Forest Berry Dress is a new design in the «Forest Berry» line that started with the Forest Berry Jacket. Inspired by the 1930s and 1940s, and with it’s decorative berry pettern, it makes the perfect item for all the Nordic seasons. 
The dress is knit from the bottom upwards, and buttons all the way.
Due to the buttons running all the way up the front it can also be used as a coat! 


The pattern PDF includes both the Norwegian and English pattern.

Needles: 3mm og 4mm

Yarn Option: Fabel Knitwear Ask
Yarn Option lightweight version: Fabel Knitwear Athena
Yarn Option: Pickles Merino Tweed

Size: (XS) S (M) L (XL) 2XL (3XL)

Size, bust: (80cm) 90cm (100cm) 108cm (118cm) 127cm (132cm)
Quantity Ask: (450g) 450g (500g) 550g (550g) 600g (650g)

Quantity Athena: (450g) 450g (4500g) 550g (550g) 600g (650g)

quantity merino tweed: (400g) 400g (400g) 500g (500g) 550g (600g)

Gauge: 21m = 10cm.

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